Why I do it

I believe the best experiences respect that time is finite by making sure people get more out of them than the time they invest in participating in them.

More about me

How I do it

Design Leader

I lead and build successful design teams with a focus on breath of ideas and quality of delivery.

I believe design leadership means raising the design maturity across the organisation as a whole by educating the leadership, embedding design in delivery, enabling sales to position design and making sure design is a mindset, not a department.

For the successful, design-mature organisation, design is a mindset, not a department.

Creative Catalyst

I facilitate events with participants at all levels and create conditions and relationships where ideas and innovation can flourish and become tangible business transformation goals with detailed and realistic roadmaps leading to them.

I believe creativity lives in us all. I use methodologies such as Design Thinking, deBono Thinking Systems, Google Design Sprint and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® as effective methods to bring the creative spirit and the hidden knowledge we all possess forth and shape it into solid business value.

What I've done


Experience Design Group, EMEA

Established the Salesforce Experience Design Group in EMEA with 4 regional teams (London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam).

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B2B/B2E Social Business

Led a category-defining program from initial vision and concepts through to delivery.

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Experience Design Advisory

Provided Experience Design coaching, org design and support to help Unilever establish their own design team.

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Small Business Ecosystem Vision

Shaped a vision of how ING can help small business owners beyond financial products. Included a prototype app for testing.

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America Express

Next-generation Customer Service

Prepared and facilitated a workshop program aimed at producing a high-level future vision for next generation customer services.

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Shop Direct Group

Helpful Personalisation

Led the user experience team and co-facilitated workshops to define a near-future vision on the topic of "Helpful Personalisation" for Shop Direct Group.

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